Guest amenities, a sustainable means of communication

Today’s guest amenities aren’t just simply products to enhance comfort. They’re also a way to show you care about the environment, and help raise guest awareness, too.

Good practice on sustainability

AD Distribution adheres to good practice on sustainable development. We respect the commitments set out in the charter for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which combine economic sense, social responsibility and eco-responsibility.

Our commitment extends to guest amenity products, but also includes reducing CO2 emissions (using sea transport rather than air, fabrication in Europe wherever possible etc…)

Responding to today’s demand for eco-friendly, natural guest amenity products

AD Distribution makes it a priority to offer guest amenities made from a variety of environmentally-friendly materials : products in PEFC wood, recycled PET, recycled leather (synderme), recycled paper, organic cotton, jute, bamboo, corn starch, bamboo pens, recycled bottle pens, organic cotton bags, umbrellas in recycled canvas and more.